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Many games built based on mechanical drive, games like Assassin's Creed , GTA, Red Dead Redemption are obviously still using loading phase but it was hidden in the gameplay. Even game like The witcher 3 still has loading screen . I am using a Nvme  SSD but it still has 3 to 4 second on loading time. SSD is faster on loading startup screen on windows and PC OS , also for cinema bench and video editing,  but on gaming it's still the same and you obviously lie if you say no loading screen it still have loading time it' s just slightly faster.  Just look at this article

also read this That is the SSD for PC, PC gamer has been using SSD but none of the benefit of the SSD can be implemented on PC because all developer is just thinking like you, just for boating and caching . It will be different if all games are meant to be build using SSD. watch this video

Btw blast processing on Sega is real actually and the cell also real, for the cloud it's also real but it was translated differently and it was not meant for graphic enhancement but for procedural and persistent physic. 

Not really telling me anything I don't know...

I am not saying Blast Processing, Cell or the Cloud wasn't "real". - They are all technologies that fundamentally exist.
The contention point is that people made those aspects to be something they aren't in order to try and assert their platform choice to be the superior technical choice... When in reality, those technologies didn't really give any particular platform such an edge that it was impossible to run on another platform with similar results.

PC also does benefit from an SSD, in-fact it's baked right into Windows, Game Engines and API's. - Need me to provide some examples?

I think you just stalling the discussion, there has not been any change or whatsoever on PC ssd for past years "FOR GAMES SO FAR ". When you say "API" yes , they have gaming API ready available for PC for long time, but the discussion is about how game developer " utilize it " inside their game engine and their "games" , nit just inside gaming API. Console will make it different it will just be an API it will be for real realize for sure in reality. It will become mainstream thanks to console. like always is tech will improve if it's benefit more people (mainstream)  rather than small group of people (high end user ).