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Mnementh said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

While that's true, I still find it sad, how low these numbers are in general. 19% in France (2014:15%), 29% in Germany, Spain 35%, Netherlands 41%...

Not going to the elections, but then complaining about "unelected Eurocrats"...

Yeah, the interest in the europeaan elections is generally lower. Here for germany in 2014 only 49% were participating in the european election. While this time it seems like it is going up to 60% you still have to compare to our national elections, which never dropped below 70% turnout. By the way, current prognosis for germany says massive losses for the two governing parties (conservatives and social democrats) and big wins for the greens. Our neighbors in the south apparently strongly supported their main governing party ÖVP, but FPÖ (which was star of the scandalous Ibiza video) lost a lot of support.

Yeah, Eurosceptic parties had a mixed bag this year. In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders might get the worst result in his history with only 4%, and the other Eurosceptic party also only reached 11%, way below it's expectations. In Belgium however, the Vlaams Belang seems to have an historic good result, with the N-VA being the other big winner.

Question is, how the UK election will turn out - and if they will have to redo it after it got clear, that they refused about 2M votes from EU nationals, to include their votes.