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Bofferbrauer2 said:
Flilix said:
Well, since I'm Belgian, I have to vote. The national elections are more interesting to me though (they're also tomorrow).

I still don't know who to vote for. Every voting test gives me a different result. Aside from the extremes, each party has its pros and cons.

What did you vote in the past? CD&V/CDH? Groen/Écolo? sp.a/PS? Hard to give you some pointers without knowing where to start. 

Voted Groen on the local election in Octobre, this is my first Flemish/national/European election.

Pros and cons for each of the Flemish parties are to me:

NVA: + Seems to be the most rational and levelheaded overall, - too right on a lot of issues (climate, economy...)

CD&V: + is the most centrist party, - too traditionalist and religious, their main goal seems to be to get votes from relgious people

Groen: + cares the most about the environment, - is the most politically correct

Open VLD: mostly similar to NVA, + they're less conservative, - they're even more libertarian when it comes to climate and economy

SPA: mostly similar to Groen, + they're slightly less politically correct, - they're slightly less green

Vlaams Belang: - they're the far right version of NVA

PVDA: - too communist, far left