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Mnementh said:

And you don't need to worry about how to fill the seats. In elections for the european parliament all countries have to use a proportional election system, even if they are using usually a majority system (like France).

Well I do know Ireland ,including as well Northern Ireland despite being in UK, use "single transferrable vote" which is formally allowed to count as proportional, even though it isn't really . Which seems like it would at least be alot more complicated to add an extra MEP, considering anybody they add may lead to existing MEPs not supposed to win? Anyhow, I'm pretty sure Britain leaving after EP election wouldn't lead to other countries getting extra seats, the total number of seats is allowed to fluctuate quite a bit.

This does remind me of the irony of Brexit, with the major party promoting it - UKIP and now Brexit Party - being given best venue to grow only via proportional list elections for the EP, when the UK's own 1-seat district system (which isn't even 2-stage or STV) marginalizes smaller parties, and routinely yields Parliament majorities without popular majority backing. Which you'd think would make them more question the democratic failings of their own system and try to fix that, before worrying about "undemocratic EU". Or for that matter, ask why their government can't manage a more detailed referendum process to find the largest consensus on what kind of Brexit to pursue (say, thru a ranked vote approach).

RolStoppable said:
Mnementh said:


And yeah, the stuff surrounding the Ibiza video is a bit sketchy. I would add, that it is strange that german news outlets published the story, not austrian.

Why should that be strange? It's a crime to obtain evidence without approval by the state. Not surprising that the pranksters tried to cover up their tracks and that includes waiting for a couple of years.

Yeah, use enough different cut-outs in enough different countries and invoke BS "protecting source" or trade secrets, and it makes it harder to establish true chain of events and who directed it all.

I'm not at all familiar with Austrian media, but I get impression German media is hyper "Atlanticist", more againt popular sentiment than with it, as well as exploited by NATO intelligence, so plenty willing to play their part. I mean, I think one major media company there has loyalty to NATO and Israel written into their corporate charter, which is insane. Not that I'm sympathetic to the fascist party or leader at all (plenty of rightwingers seems to comment here, so just clarifying), but like I said, they keep these sketchy guys around until it's convenient to turn on them. There's this Friends of Israel group tied to ex-Canadian PM Harper, ex-Spanish PM Aznar that openly cultivates far-right groups as long as they're "friends of israel" (not to mention the whole Ukrainian fascist thing). Or consider Japan, massive corruption mostly ignored by NATO media along with their permanent one-party-state with autocratic and fascist-revisionist tendencies... Just not interesting I guess... But did you see Theresa May's dress color? /s

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