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John2290 said:
I've played like 80+ holes now and still havn't unlocked 18 holes, don't mind playing 9 in then 9 out but it'a just annoying to have to calculate the score yourself. I suck though, best I got on a 9 hole was +4.

I just unlocked 18H after 84 Holes Played. I think you have to complete 9in and 9out on all three courses to unlock it. I played the 18H on the 1st course and scored a +3. I'll play the other two tomorrow. I'm hoping for a little better club set to unlock, as the standard set is a bit short for the last course. Still enjoying it overall.

Only complaint I have is that it is too accurate with my inability to putt. I should have been able to go -2, but I ended up 2 and 3 putting a couple holes due to pulling my putts to the left. No matter how hard I try to tell myself to hit it right, I always end up just missing the cup to the left here, and in real life. 

I have a family party going on this weekend, so I am going to unlock all three courses on my PSVR Demo account as well, so that everyone can give it a try. Maybe it will be enough for a few fence sitters to finally pick up a unit. We are a pretty big Golf and Bowling family. 

Next week can't come fast enough. Blood and Truth is my most anticipated game this generation. Everybody's Golf VR will be taking the back seat for a couple of days once that arrives.

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