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jonsnow said:
thismeintiel said:

Of course PC types are going to be talking about this being old tech. The problem with that is that this will be the first time a system is built around a SSD as a standard feature. Even on PC, a SSD isn't going to give you anything close to a 90% decrease in load times.

PC tech is irrelevant, simple fact of the matter is devs design their games around the dominant console’s tech. As Cerny explained the increased rendering speed allowed by the custom SSD solution will allow for fundamental changes in game design.

If you think you are going to be flying around a map at the speed of light that this demo showcases... I have some bad news for you. - It's not good gameplay.

And PC tech is relevant. - Consoles are built from PC technology, they are PC's.
Towards the end of a generation many developers start targeting PC first... We saw it last generation with Frostbite, Unreal Engine 4, Cry Engine and more... To the point where the PC was looking next-gen.

The SSD is going to be an extremely valuable tool, but it's not going to be changing the way games are designed.

HollyGamer said:

It's not about cool or not it's about software and games application that used and maximize the utilization of SSD and build based on that tech. Non of games that been made are made on SSD in mind.

I have been use SSD as well on PC for  quiet long and until these days all games is just load on normal loading screen , what make difference is just using ssd is just more faster . 

What we have in the video is they get rid the loading screen and moment. All games from PS5 will be made with this in mind. Thanks to console that push this old tech to become mainstream. 

Provide me an example of how a game would be developed differently and thus take advantage of an SSD over a mechanical drive?

The basic principles of how a game engine will operate in regards to the host storage will remain the same. There is no "secret sauce". - There is no "Cell" or "Cloud" or "Blast Processing". It's just a faster storage drive... And we don't even know if we are allowed to use it to install games on, this could have been a best-case scenario with all the data dumped onto it... For all we know its just an SSD Cache drive and thus real world results may be substantially different.

In short... Let's not start hyping something we don't have all the details for.

And I have been using SSD's since they came out, I was an early adopted, I was running them in raid. - Many games I don't see a loading screen.

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