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Oh yea you might be onto something. 

Probably which is a gd thing. He would bebthe most experiemced king in all of westeros and the most knowledgeable

Scoobes said:

NightlyPoe said:

Because the history of Westeros is full of people calmly choosing their next leader?  The only reason it worked this time was because the only people who wanted the throne were already dead and for some reason Dorne and the Iron Islands forgot they wanted independence.  That's not going to happen every time.

And being paralyzed does not necessarily mean a dude can't have children.  It depends on the specifics of the injury.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong on this one, but isn't Bran as the 3-eyed Raven immortal or at least long-lived?

The last 3-eyed Raven was ridiculously old, or was that the Weirwood tree sustaining him? 

Is Bran potentially going to be King for generations?