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jonsnow said:
Third party devs will likely be held back due to having to design their games around the lowest common denominator but Sony’s own titles will be a sight to behold.

I'd imagine Sony may make this a mandatory thing.  Or it may just be something devs don't have to do anything different to take advantage of.  Now, the only question is, will MS copy this approach or will they stick with HDD only.  If they don't have this tech, will they try to force some ridiculous parity clause so that every comparison video doesn't show the PS5 loading within a sec or two, while the XB2 is taking a minute or two to load, as well as showing more pop-in?  I'd imagine in that case, some devs may not bother with the XBox.

Frank_kc said:
Its a good thing to have SSD. But, what if size of hard disk is not sufficient? We know that provided SSD us a custom SSD from Sony and off shelf SSD won't give same performance! ! I bet that Sony custom SSD expansion would be expensive like the Vita storage.

Well, if the two rumors revolving around this turn out true, there is a SSD and a HDD.  I would imagine the HDD is for storing the majority of the games not being played, and would be upgradable by the consumer.  The SSD will be the same across all SKUs and will be used to store several of the most recently played games.  I believe one rumor said it was 1TB in size.