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Pemalite said:
HollyGamer said:

We will seen a great benefit for PC gamers as well who have been used SSD for quit long time. Probably there will some setting on game option for PC gamer to choose between fast loading or normal loading time. 

No. Because it doesn't work like that.
I have been using an SSD since the OCZ Vertex came out in 2009... So be using them since the early days before it was cool.

HollyGamer said:

Blame the game developer who don't want to push the tech to PC games. PC have been used SSD but none of the games used SSD benevit let alone Nvme . What i have been playing is more of slightly faster loading times on PC. I have not encounter any games that totally rid loading screen except for open world games which is also still have a loading moment.  It's an old tech but it's new for gamer and yeah even for PC gamer. 

Games benefit from SSD's on PC. - What has given you the conclusion it doesn't? It's just not as pronounced as this "demo" which is DESIGNED to showcase the differences in the most extreme form possible to try and sell consumers on an idea...

Console manufacturers actually have a blatant history of doing this all through history... Power of the Cell, Blast Processing, Cloud Processing... I could go on, the demo's they create are meant to show the concept in the best possible light, not what will happen realistically in the real world.

It's not about cool or not it's about software and games application that used and maximize the utilization of SSD and build based on that tech. Non of games that been made are made on SSD in mind.

I have been use SSD as well on PC for  quiet long and until these days all games is just load on normal loading screen , what make difference is just using ssd is just more faster . 

What we have in the video is they get rid the loading screen and moment. All games from PS5 will be made with this in mind. Thanks to console that push this old tech to become mainstream.