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HollyGamer said:
Pemalite said:
Yeah. Not actually that big of a deal that they make it out to be... Just like the Power of the Cell.

There are plenty of ways to side-step the issue of storage speeds, we have been dealing with it for decades after all.
Compression, Mesh/Texture Streaming, Longer Load Times into larger DRAM buffers, Procedural Generation... List goes on.

NAND certainly has it's advantages when leveraged right, especially in asset streaming and load times, but usually game engines are engineered to deal with the lowest common denominator... And that is mechanical storage.
Next gen I would assume that developers will still need to keep in mind for mechanical storage on console (External) and PC.

We will seen a great benefit for PC gamers as well who have been used SSD for quit long time. Probably there will some setting on game option for PC gamer to choose between fast loading or normal loading time. 

No. Because it doesn't work like that.
I have been using an SSD since the OCZ Vertex came out in 2009... So be using them since the early days before it was cool.

vivster said:

Just because the majority of people choose to not use old tech doesn't make it newer. What Sony has here is most likely just a small NVME SSD cache via PCIe. Something that has existed on gaming PCs and laptops via m2 SSDs for a while. Except that proper gaming PCs don't just have a cache but have actually all data on SSD.

I agree I think a cache makes the most sense... Then the cache can in theory be applied to all forms of mechanical storage irrespective of the bus like USB 3.0.

Trumpstyle said:

The next-gen consoles won't make a big jump, expect 12-16GB of video ram and a gpu about 4x more performance and half of that gpu power will be used for higher resolution.

Edit: Just as I made this post it starting to look like Navi (amd gpu architecture) will be insane, even though I expect PS5 to be 8 Teraflops its performance should land at geforce 1080/2060 or vega 64 and vega 64 has 12TF.

Don't hype up Navi... It's a mainstream/mid-range part.

People hyped up Polaris despite not understanding it's position in AMD's lineup and were thoroughly disappointed upon it's release. - Vega is still going to be around and be AMD's flagship offering, so Navi will be positioned underneath it.

Vega was also hyped up as well and was a pretty big disappointment.

Wait till the parts are actually released before we go drumming about how amazing they are constantly.

Teraflops are pretty pointless comparison points.

HollyGamer said:

Blame the game developer who don't want to push the tech to PC games. PC have been used SSD but none of the games used SSD benevit let alone Nvme . What i have been playing is more of slightly faster loading times on PC. I have not encounter any games that totally rid loading screen except for open world games which is also still have a loading moment.  It's an old tech but it's new for gamer and yeah even for PC gamer. 

Games benefit from SSD's on PC. - What has given you the conclusion it doesn't? It's just not as pronounced as this "demo" which is DESIGNED to showcase the differences in the most extreme form possible to try and sell consumers on an idea...

Console manufacturers actually have a blatant history of doing this all through history... Power of the Cell, Blast Processing, Cloud Processing... I could go on, the demo's they create are meant to show the concept in the best possible light, not what will happen realistically in the real world.

At the end of the day, games are designed a certain way for a reason, because from a gameplay perspective it's what works.

Trumpstyle said:
vivster said:

So you're saying not using SSDs in a gaming machine is a bad thing? I agree.

No, you were saying that Consoles were holding back pc games loading times, when there's pc only games with loading times. And the PS5 doesn't have a small NAND cache, it has a 1TB NVMe drive that is faster than samsung evo 970 plus/pro.

PC Can have storage setups that makes the Playstation 5 NAND setup seem archaic and slow. The Samsung Evo 970 is far from the best the PC can offer.

In a consoles instance though it should mean that the same thing as the Cart based systems should occur. - That is... Developers should be able to read straight from disk for a heap of assets rather than dumping that data into Ram first... Meaning they should be able to use their limited Ram much more effectively than what you would typically get on say... The PC.

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