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Trumpstyle said:
vivster said:

Just because the majority of people choose to not use old tech doesn't make it newer. What Sony has here is most likely just a small NVME SSD cache via PCIe. Something that has existed on gaming PCs and laptops via m2 SSDs for a while.

Except that proper gaming PCs don't just have a cache but have actually all data on SSD. I just find it a little bit insulting that they have punished players with long loading times for 2 generations even though appropriate tech was available and now try to sell it as something amazing. They want to say "Look at this cool new tech!", but what they're really saying is "Look, this old tech is finally cheap enough for us!"

Indeed, when I play world of warcraft or star wars: the old republic, PC only game there's no loading times whatsoever. I must have been dreaming when I played wow on my mechanical drive and having minutes+ loading times and the game lagging for several minutes after loading. It never happened.


So you're saying not using SSDs in a gaming machine is a bad thing? I agree.

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