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irstupid said:
Pointless comparison imo. Using a current gen game to show how fast it loads on a next gen console serves no purpose.

The games will be more demanding and thus have the same if not longer load times due to trying to get more and more things on screen or the dev's being lazy cause they have such power to use.

The next-gen consoles won't make a big jump, expect 12-16GB of video ram and a gpu about 4x more performance and half of that gpu power will be used for higher resolution.

Edit: Just as I made this post it starting to look like Navi (amd gpu architecture) will be insane, even though I expect PS5 to be 8 Teraflops its performance should land at geforce 1080/2060 or vega 64 and vega 64 has 12TF.

JRPGfan said:
thats a insane differnce in loading speeds...

Yep, next-gen games will have no loading times at all, will be great.

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