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twintail said:
Barozi said:
I could still see some buildings popping in.
Thing is, the comparison is a bit off. That's what the PS5 could do ... using the same graphical settings as the PS4 does.
That won't happen though since devs are going to push the PS5 which will then lead to longer loading times.

Looking back, how much have loading times improved throughout the generations? Answer: not much.

you are not wrong but this is merely a demonstration of what they are looking to achieve, and honestly more an early look at the power difference between the Pro and PS5.

As long as we see a reduction in loading time from this gen (even if not on the scale shown in the video), that it an improvement I think we will all gladly welcome. 

It's still kinda lame what they do. Holding back progress on purpose and then trying to wow people with old tech and mediocrity.

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