They did say they will use the counc to vote thr new king every time. Which was similar to sams idea of democracy. 

Plus bran can see things in advance which no king can do. That alone can be advantegous to the westoros. He can see if people around him are telling the truth.  That alone is huge. No king could do that.

Ps hes on the wheelchair. Hes paralyzed below the waist so thats a dead giveaway he cant have kids hahah  

NightlyPoe said:

The funniest part to me is that the solution to the series was putting an uninterested king on the throne with an unclear line of succession.

Anyone remember what caused the chaos of the first 4 seasons? Oh yeah, it was an uninterested king who died without a clear line of succession.

Also, Sansa's really got to learn to keep her mouth shut. Leaking intelligence that Jon's the true heir is one thing. Telling every Lord and Lady left in Westeros that Bran's penis doesn't work is just kinda cruel. For that matter, how the heck does she know?