What do u mean it doesnt make sense. Her craziness has been developing for many years.

What kept her sane have been her advisors and closest friend  missandei.

When she realised her advisors back stabbed her and missandei got executed in front of her she lost it. Not only that she found out that jon is the true heir of the throne. He then went behind her decision and told alot of people. Shes wants the throne badly and that makes things worse for her.

To top it off jon claims he loves her but cant love her. Losing him was the final straw.  For her she felt she losing all suppport snd the only way to do it is through fear. Using fear to control people does happen in the real world

Jon killing danny also made sense. Jon is man of morals and ethics. He waz torn between his loyalty to his queen but he also cant justify what she did at kings landing. Therefore he couldnt decide.hence why he asked her to mercy tyrion. That was his way of makin a deciison and wgen she failed to do it he had no choice but to do it. Was he happy ? Nope but it had to be done..

How would u wanted to have the ending?

Bran is the perfect tnrone. He doesnt want it but he has no choice. He can father kids so less likely of breeding tyrants like joffery.  Jon got what he wanted at the end as he never wanted to rule and dannh didnt desere the throne

Am curious on your views on it

John2290 said:

dane007 said:

Why do you hate it? Is it because u didnt get ending u want?

 For me it was the perfect ending. It ties up all the story nicely. It made sense why john killed danny. After john never wanted to be king and he got his wish. Bran is the perfect king as he can see in advance as to whars going to happen.

It isn't the story beats, they are all good it is the path they get there, it rarely makes sense and here they blatently used Tyrion to explain away Danys madness with a subtle retcon. I'm not even going to go into all the crap that made no sense in this episode when you plop it on top of the over all story preogressing to this point cause it's six AM and I'm still so angry I can not sleep. If you think this is good, good for you but you clearly havn't thought much about the story or characters outside of watching the TV show and enjoyibg it episode by episode. I'm happy for ya and all the other like you cause you don't have to now try and burn this pile of garbage out of your memory and repair the book story lines, if it is even possible.