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Ok here are my predictions, I tried to temper them because I always end up disappointed and I've learned I just shouldn't have expectations from a company of which I buy products from, but here is my attempt at a realistic list: 

-Animal Crossing Switch is shown, with a detailed trailer highlighting the expansive town capabilities, planned for a November release date. 

-Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 begins the Switch highlights segment, given a one-minute trailer with a reminder of the impending release. 

-Pokemon Sword & Shield coverage, longer than most games but still fairly short compared to the non-Gamefreak Nintendo exclusives. 

-Mario Maker 2 is shown for a short 30 second trailer, reminder of the release date. 

-Rhythm Heaven Switch announced, small Eshop release, Late 2019/Early 2020 release date.

-Daemon X Machina developer feedback video, short trailer + reminder of release date.  

-Fire Emblem: Three Houses final trailer, new vocal track used + reminder of release date and special nod to the collector's edition. 

-Mario Odyssey mode for Mario Maker; Cappy can be used to jump farther gaps.

-2nd Smash character announced, Erdrick from Dragon Age. More is shown than the initial Joker reveal, but more information will be released at a later time. 

-Reggae comes out on stage for a final nod goodbye. 

-Mario Odyssey gets an Isle Delfino expansion, because after two years why not. 

-Star Fox X Zero, a collaboration between the F-Zero and Star Fox universes in this ultimate racing game made by Retro studios. 

-Pikmin 4 reveal, coming Spring 2020. 

-Hideki Kamiya joins the direct to give a special reveal of Bayonetta 3; Bayonetta 3 is cancelled and restarting development. 

-Fire Emblem: Three Spouses, an expansion pack that allows you to unite all three kingdoms in marriage. Making them your pupils for which you can study extensively. $40. 

-An indie highlight reel showcasing all the amazing games that Nintendo Switch has in-store and coming up. 

-Astral Chain trailer. 

-Luigi's Mansion 3 ends the show,