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So the Mario Maker Direct is over and we got tons of news. Perhaps the most interesting thing, however, was what was clearly missing.

Note the section titled "Extra Game Styles" and the fact that it is plural. Note the conspicuous blank space next to 3D World. Either Nintendo is being really stupid and accidentally implying something they don't mean and getting everyone's hopes up for nothing, or there's going to be a new game style revealed at E3 or added down the road as DLC. And it could probably be from any Mario platformer ever, too, considering we've already seen a 3D game converted to 2D, so the sky's the limit here.

Call me boring though, but Super Mario Bros. 2 is what I hope for most, just because all the enemies are different and have become iconic, the mechanics are different, and it just feels missing what with Bros. 1 and 3 already available. But I'd love to see Super Mario Land 2 as well, so long as they make it color officially for the first time ever. Odyssey would be super hype but I'm not getting my hopes up. Galaxy seems like a realistic option to expect from the remaining 3D games, as it would likely translate best. I'm up for anything though, it'd be hard to disappoint me here!

What about you? What game style are you hoping that spot gets filled with? What style do you expect Nintendo to add? Or do you think Nintendo is just being Nintendo and it means nothing?