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HollyGamer said:

The company can push as hard as they want but the reality is totally different . Infrastructure, government policy, politic ,  and other problem and conflict of Interest  Stop the progression of technology and gaming.  The Internet infrastructure is really bad and not in balance (The need of high speed internet are not equal to the progress of infrastructure, even in first world country). 

Cloud gaming need, Speed, latency , Price and content. Even if all company joint together this problem will still exist. Also the console Industry are in the golden era, only on the losing side hate to see a console and local hardware device exist. 

Cloud is the future, I am agree . But for now it's still premature and infancy. These company are preparing for the future but they are not in hurry.  So I am glad they joint in hand for the benefit of both, gamer and world progress , but it need time. 


You know Streaming works right now with PS Now and Stadia right? and however long Steam and mobile gaming had offered it before. Streaming works on average networks. Lets see how good xCloud is at offering a Streaming option because they promise barely any lag, and with 5g due out soon, net speeds wont be an issue ever again.

I dont care for Streaming as i much prefer the traditional way however you cannot denie this is the direction corps want to take because its where the real money is.