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Azzanation said:
HollyGamer said:

Because Sony can choose other company easly  like Amazon or google. So My point is still correct . Consumer is a king. You got the money you got the service.  

Sony can choose another company easily.. But would it be a better deal than what they have with MS? probably not, would the services be suited for what Sony needs? probably not, would that Cloud be better than Azure? probably not.

It seems Sony went with MS based on a better deal and coverage than the other two, will wait and see why soon enough and if I was Sony I wouldn't want to compete against Azure either. MS doesn't need Sony, this is Sony needing a Cloud service that benefits there gaming division. MS would have continued on there merry way while Sony will struggle to compete against mega corps like Google, Apple and MS. So your point is not correct.

Sony wouldn't struggle, because they clearly have decided to outsource their cloud services. Perhaps they have been thinking about building up their Gaikai thing, but came to the conclusion that maybe partnering would be more efficient. This way it is also easier to pull out, if the whole game streaming thing doesn't pan out like intended.

If it wouldn't be MS, it would be someone else. It's not about needing someone, it's just business for both of them and partnering with MS I think is the best option for Sony because they have practically been doing the same thing for years and they know the gaming scene the best.