hatmoza said:
When I was in high school, I watched one of those beheading videos. My naive dumb ass didn't think much of it and casually searched and watched the first one I came across. Almost 18 years later I can still hear the person gargling, I can still see the victim's decapitated head being tossed in the sand. I couldn't sleep for 3 days. It really messed my teenage brain up. Til this day I can't watch videos of people getting hurt. You know how some videos on the news say "be warned, these videos are graphic" ... well I'm the person who switches the channel when that's said.

Anywho, all this to say I can relate.

Lack of sleep, anger bursts, headaches, depression... Those are all perfectly normal reactions to seeing horrific images.

At this point I am a desensitized to it due to repeated exposure, so it doesn't phase me. - Just this morning at 4am I attended a road crash fatality, you forget that other people are sensitive to these scenes until you hear some of their hysteria or see them go into shock... So it's always valuable to remember to be mindful of others.

There is absolutely no shame in admitting that you don't want to witness such scenes and walk away either.

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