Machiavellian said:

The work environment is making games that show death in a bunch of different ways.  There is no 2 ways about it.  It's not a job cut out for everyone and so everyone should not sign up for it.  You are basically trying to define what a game studio should be just because they create entertainment forgetting that the creation of that content doesn't always align with standard principals.  The nature of the job put people in a position where its not going to be advantageous for everyone and morality doesn't play a role because morality is defined differently for each individual.

Choices are made by any individual and if a job sucks for them then they need to quit and move on.  You say that Police, healthcare etc have traumatic experiences inherent to their field and I see no reason why a company that produces death sequences within their product not being right there with those companies.  You are basically saying just because it's a game company, there isn't traumatic experience you would encounter and I am saying you are wrong when the company deals with death on the nature of their product.  That would be like saying an Anime studio would not have traumatic experiences if the movies they make deal in gruesome deaths.  People consider Anime as cartoons and think of it as a kids medium but anyone who watches Anime knows that isn't the case.  I am saying game studios just like any job should not be thought of any different as any job where you deal in content on the level as NR.

At best the employee could have made a statement about seeing such content walking by and NR could ask those employees to move their desk so that the content could not be viewed by others walking by but that's pretty much it.  If this was a problem and brought up to management then sometimes it does involve employees bringing such issues up to HR and management. 

As to whether people should be watching such content, I leave that up to the person doing so and do not judge how they get inspiration for creating their work.  I have no clue what it takes for people to create the type of content like MK, gruesome Anime movies, or horror movies books you name it.  Even trying to just make your standard shooter, I have heard some questionable things people do to make that content.  Who am I or you to judge them just because we may not be entertained but such stuff.

PTSD can affect everyone, doesn't matter how mucho you think you are... It's only a matter of time. - Thus it is not a case of "If you can't handle it, don't apply for the job".

But right on. Support needs to be there whenever the risk is present.

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