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All jokes aside, this partnership appears to be pretty basic and nothing to go crazy over. If you think about it, MS does make a pretty good partner with Azure since they have concentrated on game related services to expand Azure capabilities probably more so then Amazon. If you are looking for a company with international reach, and the servers to support cloud solutions around the world MS definitely on the short list of vendors.

MS is heavily invested in AI and their cloud platform and Sony is probably one of the best in image technology so the 2 working together in this space sounds like a good fit. Also we probably are thinking of MS as it was when it was helmed by Balmer but Satya has already shone he is a totally different CEO and his direction for MS is also totally different. Hell you only have to look at how MS has embraced Linux and open source tech to understand how very different Satya is compared to Balmer who would never even come close to working with either unless it found he found a way to embrace, extend then crush.