chakkra said:
Scoobes said:

This turn of events has been hinted at repeatedly since Dany got her dragons. The showrunners have made it extra obvious since she came to Westeros. I'm not sure how you think this is a sudden heel turn.

You know.. I don't have an issue with Daenerys going mad because I was actually expecting it. My issue is that she going to the darkside made all the other characters look like complete morons. Specially Tyrion, I mean, how come Tyrion did not see that coming? In fact, the show led me to believe that Tyrion was doubting her a long time ago. I mean, everytime she did or said something weird we would get a Close Up of Tyrion looking at her with a worrisome expression on his face. But no, all of a sudden he is the most loyal person on earth, going to the point of betraying the man who actually saved his life.

And then he was standing there like: "Oh my man, I know you have good intentions and all, and I know you saved my life once.. but now you are threatening my queen man. And I know she is a bit cray cray but she is my queen now. So I guess you have to die. Sorry"

That's when the show lost me. After that I just didn't care anymore. In fact, when all the massacre was happening I just couldn't stop laughing.

Well, apparently Jon and Tyrion are there to represent the 50% of the audience that didn't see it coming! 

I actually find Tyrion's arc to be quite interesting. He's gone from one of the most devious and clever characters to one of the most naive and foolish in direct relation to him becoming more loyal and humane (which I guess most would see as positive character traits). Then again, it could just the volume of wine he's drinking.