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Imho, they will make each episode to be like 1 disc of the OG FFVII and add some extras to give some meet to the episodes, expanded lore and extra quests for sure.
It will work just like the OG FF7, you will need ep.1, or at least save from ep.1, to play 2 and 3 just.
Also they will be able to add new mechanics on each episode, but probably not exclude already existing ones for consistency.

Also, i don't think all episodes will be on PS4. Part 1 will be ps4/5 ( one single version for both consoles), than the other parts gonna be ps5 only ( maybe part 2 will be on ps4), i mean, just think about this, part 1 is something set for 2020-2021 and the other parts are going to take some time, i can see part 3 2025, or even 2027, so yeah, no ps4 version.

Last edited by Manlytears - on 14 May 2019

Prediction: In 5 years Nintendo will Lauch a "Core Mario game"  very similar to Astro Bot. That said, many will Ignore Astro Bot existence and say Nintendo created this concept.