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Hey, there's an F1 thread again. Neat.

Too bad this season is a bit of a bore so far. Was really hoping that we could maybe get a Hamilton vs. Leclerc battle, but Ferrari is nowhere near the form they had early last season, and of course Ferrari can't sort out their team order situation no matter how many team principles they go through. I mean, even as a Hamilton fan, I'd like to see a little more competition than just Bottas. No offense to him, and he's doing well so far this year, but I just don't buy him as a serious long term threat to the title. If he proves me wrong, and it goes down to the wire, cool....I just need to see it to believe it.

At least RB seems to be coming along pretty well with Honda, so hopefully by next season they might really be able to challenge for the title again. Max vs. Lewis would be great fun.