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Terranigma81 said:
If the gameplay is remotely something like ff xv then no thanks. Not even nostalgia can make me buy this game

I'm with you on that! I tried, I tried SO HARD to get myself to enjoy FFXV I just couldn't. It bored me to death. The characters, the setting, and especially the weak combat. I hate the hillbilly mood and music a lot of the time. Cindy also creates that hillbilly atmosphere. I just do not like this game at all. Good thing I found it on Kijiji for half the price upon release.

As for FFVII, I can't lie. It looks phenomenal in this trailer. But then I heard the acting when Aerith gives Cloud the flower and was like, ughhh. Won't be able to really feel for the characters if they feel like they don't care. 

Cloud and Aerith look absolutely amazing though it also looks like it will not play like FFXV at least. To me, anyway. I think they were able to create something action-packed but still under a ATB-like style. Here's to hoping! We se that Barret was playable.

Note: I just can't get over how generic Biggs sounded hahaha. It's like this voice actor ain't even trying....

Last edited by StreaK - on 12 May 2019