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TranceformerFX said:
Immersiveunreality said:

Shamefull to who?

I think this voice fits his character perfectly,i don't think it's stereotypical at all because it suits his background and attitude shown in the script.

It's shameful to people in the United States. I live in a big city with alot of ethnicities and I have never talked to a black man who spoke like that.

So when you say "I think this voice fits his character perfectly", I don't know what the f**k you're talking about. 

"it suits his background and attitude shown in the script."

That's entirely your opinion that's based on your perception of black people and your idea of how Barret spoke when you read his dialogue in OG FF7, rather than spoken dialogue - assuming you played the 1997 version. 

It is actually funny,i do know someone who speaks like that and its a fictional character that does not need to be compared to people you or me personally know.

He has a short temper,he holds in a lot of agression and has a background of growing up and living in poverty while being a giant gunwielding muscular dude, oh yes it does fit his character perfectly and that would also be why Square Enix chose that voice and not because they wanted to offend people like you. :p

Bolded: Based on my perception of black people? Don't make such dumb closeminded assumptions about others on this forum you do not know shit about,thanks.

Edit: You are also the only one that needs to bring up skincolor,remember that.

Last edited by Immersiveunreality - on 12 May 2019