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Is the closest it got to recapturing the magic of Yoshi's Island, that spirit of more of an epic adventure under a cute artstyle akin to Kirby, Woolly had surprises in some of its levels and bosses, similar to how Island surprised one in its inventiveness.

Its soundtrack was amazing and filled with variety like Island, after the first level with its more weak tune, the rest of the game is just a lot of great, energetic tracks.

I think Crafted was a solid game with level design that could match and surpass that of Woolly but it felt more boring with its lackluster music and less surprising moments, also very weak bosses.

For me it comes down to this, my ideal of Yoshi is a more daring, epic, exciting game like Island and Woolly, rather than how Yoshi was watered down with titles like Story where it tried to just be cutesy and too soft, which is how I feel with Crafted World. Yoshi should be more like Kirby, despite its cute exterior, a game that knows when to surprise you or throw you a curve ball.