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thismeintiel said:
chakkra said:

Well, according to the NPD Tool the X1 should be on 1st place, but I totally doubt that to be the case, so let me put it on 2nd place.

[NSW] 210k
[XB1] 170k
[PS4] 140k

What released in April that would even cause the result the tool is predicting?

A promotion on Gamestop, which caused all their XBO models to take over the first spots in the charts for a bit over a week. But since that resulted in getting 4 times more points than the Switch did, it had such an advantage that it couldn't manage to pass it again, though Switch came pretty close in the end.

After that promotion, XBO dropped from 1600 to less than 100 points. Just have a look at the chart:

That's dropping off a cliff.