PAOerfulone said:
Chris Hu said:

Meh, the Rockets could have easily eliminated the Warriors last year also if they didn't try to win via three point shots in game seven.  Also it not like the Rockets never won a title they won two championships and are the second best NBA team in Texas behind the Spurs.  

I'm talking about this current Rockets team, not the Rockets franchise throughout its history. In terms of greatness, being a leader, and having that Championship DNA, James Harden is no Hakeem Olajuwon. Not even close.

Despite winning two titles Olajuwon choked plenty of times in the playoffs also, so he isn't that much better then Harden.  Harden already accomplished something that Olajuwon did not do that is he made it into the playoffs every year in his career so far ten years straight and counting.  Even if he doesn't win a title Harden has a chance to be the best left handed player of all time in the NBA by the time his career is over that distinction could have easily went to LeBron James but despite being left handed he shoots with his right hand and mostly does everything else on the court with his right hand.