Chris Hu said:

Ugh this sucks the Rockets should have won the series and with some minor luck and better officiating the could have done it in five games. Anyway go Nuggets since they have a better chance of knocking out the Warriors then the Blazers and are a healthier team.

They had all their important players and pieces. No Kevin Durant for the rest of the series after he got injured in the 3rd quarter of Game 5, a game where they went into the 4th quarter tied. Stephen Curry doing jack shit in the first half with 0 points & 3 fouls, AND they were in Houston.  How much more luck do you think they needed? Like I said before, the Warriors have never been more vulnerable throughout their entire run than they were tonight. This was it! This was served on an silver platter for the Rockets. This was the best opportunity they ever had up to this point to finally get past the Warriors and be one step closer to an NBA Championship and they couldn't seal the deal.

The Houston Rockets, as they are, are just not championship material. 

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