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TalonMan said:
SKMBlake said:
I have an issue with badges, every day I have a notification saying "you earned 5 badges today" and it's been going on for weeks now, I have 63 badge-related notifications

Ganoncrotch said:

scroll down to notifications and just untick the badge related stuff.

Wow - i can't believe this is still being asked - and I'm actually surprised by your answer, Ganoncrotch because that addresses the symptom and not the cause (which leads me to believe you don't know the answer either):

 - You need to go here:

 - At the top of the screen will be notifications regarding each badge you've earned.

 - You need to clear these, otherwise the notification will pop-up again each day.

I've asked this before, but if anybody knows a better way of informing people regarding updates and changes, I'm all for hearing about it. I know this particular issue has been asked and answered at least a half-dozen times, and it's still obvious that people don't know about it...  :(

Besides keeping them longer on the frontpage maybe a news article or also show them as sticky in hot topics

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