Machiavellian said:
Ljink96 said:

Very true, but for me this surpasses something natural and is more of an ethics issue personally. I understand that we learn how to live by studying death and the process of death, but using it for entertainment I dunno, it just doesn't sit well with me. But yeah like I said, just me. 

Video games have used death as entertainment for a very long time.  Just because you do not consider shooting a digital pixel as death doesn't mean the concept is removed.  From killing monsters to other digital characters, however you do it, death is played out as entertainment in just about every aspect of the medium.  How many gamers turn off the blood in their first person shooter or RPG etc.  Is this any different from your gore fest movie, Anime or comic book.  Not sure why people are acting like this is unnatural, different or new in video games.  Creative artist do this kind of stuff all the time in different media and its not uncommon, strange, different or new. If a person has an issue with this type of stuff, they have to make decisions as one poster already stated and do something else.  If it becomes a problem, then the developer should inform their boss to be moved to something else.  Sometimes they may not be able to be moved to something else and have to consider moving to a different job.  

Like I's just how I personally feel about it. I'm well aware of the history of game development tactics, specifically in the art department...I've worked with several clients in the industry. I'm not a fan of gore in any medium not specifically just games. Also, like I said talk is cheap. It's easy to suggest that someone just "goes to a different job" but everything isn't always as black and white as we'd like to think. Artist generally don't just get to "ask to be moved" I were brought on as an artist. And at that point you're not irreplaceable. 

None of my comments suggested that this is new, or unnatural in business, like at all. I'm very familiar with the concept of referencing. But instead a personal disapproval. I think I've tried to make that clear. 

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