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JRPGfan said:
TranceformerFX said:

You're a funny dude. You have better chances at winning the Power Ball than having FF7R being turn-based.

Maybe they could do it like FFXII ?

With command system where you can basically "program" the A.I companions to act certain ways, at thresholds.

I prefer that system, with some controll.
Like atleast give us a system like that, if they take away turn based combat.


Same here. That was the worst part of 15 for me. Miss being able to use OP spells and summons against enemies.

My other worry for the game is the performance. I played FFXV on ps4 akd performance was horrible. There was too much stuttering which ruins the game immersions. I also worry of they decide to add new sidequests due to it being episodic. FfXV has taught me that square enix should never make sidequests 😂.  That fetch me ramen quest in 15 was embarassing.

dane007 said:
Hope the combat is nothing like FFXV cause the essence of the original combat was to use materia, magic and summons. FFXV combat was just mashing one button for 50 hours 😂 . I hope its more like crisis core instead

The combat is the only thing that worries me at this point..... well the main worry.