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mZuzek said:
Ganoncrotch said:
hmmmm... it's 9.99 for 2 dlc packs, his one is the first and some other offline muliplayer is coming as an extra pack later on if you buy this, so Im not really sure..., can it be thought of as 2dlc packs for 5 each? but still It's also paying for dlc in a game tha's behind a paywall. I mean they're asking the people who gave them 20 for access to this game for another 10 to add a feaure to it, not really sure I like where that's going.

Yeah, right? I hadn't even thought about this. If you buy the DLC and let the subscription expire, can you no longer play the game? That's bullcrap.

oooo wait in the dlc description it reads "if you dont have a nintendo switch online pass but want to play tetris 99 then you can enjoy it offline by buying the big block dlc" so you can launch the app with this dlc and just not play online but play bots or marathon with the dlc

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