fatslob-:O said:
Pemalite said:

It is probably one of the largest growth markets, so not entirely unexpected.

I think those people should research what happened to iQue when you localize a dozen or less games for each system released ... 

Despite the other major console vendors being banned and with Nintendo having access to the market for the LONGEST of them all, once the former launched their own system's into the market it was the most success ever seen before for dedicated game consoles over there because god forbid they cared about localizing the games too in the process LOL ... 

It cannot be stressed how important it is that Nintendo gets localization right given their previous track record with their past systems ... (it's toxic for chinese gamers that they are not treated like equal customers so they can't get access to all the content when they don't understand it in their own language)

I would put more of the blame on the Chinese government than Nintendo.  The government even put about a year stop on approving games and only started reviewing games again recently.  There is a huge backlog and many small developers in China went belly up because their games were never approved and put on hold.  Look at Tencent which got hit hard from drop in revenues due to the government putting a temp ban on approving games.  To simply caste Nintendo as the problem of not localizing games is a false interpretation.  Sure they might have some to blame but I would put majority of blame on the Chinese government.  I understand they are worried about their people becoming addicted to games but they need to revamp their approval process.  Most Nintendo games are family friendly so they should easily be approved yet I'm sure they have to jump through ridiculous hurdles for the Chinese government.  There are thousands of games (mainly crappy phone games) on backlog for them to review. 

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