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Zoombael said:
Darwinianevolution said:

Sadly, 8th gen consoles proved to the platform holders that hardware backwards compatibility is not as big of a seller anymore. Maybe the XBTwo will have BC through digital means, but I doubt the PS5 will have any at all, outside of the streaming alternative. And 3rd parties would rather make remakes/remasters at full price rather than allow people to already own them to continue playing them.

It's a shame, because for many people (especially those who didn't purchase a console the previous gen) it immediately adds a ton of value to the new hardware, offering access to a whole library of games at discounted prices, not to mention the value of preserving your collection throughout the generations.

So no, they won't stop producing PS4s for a long time, maybe they will even reach the 100$ mark. XBOnes are going to stop production earlier, though.

"Because [the PS5] is based in part on the PS4’s architecture, it will also be backward-compatible with games for that console,"

Technically, there's no real barrier. The question is, will Sony activate the feature? They could just block PS4 discs from reading and force you to buy the remasters for the PS4 instead. Until they announce it, we can't be totally sure Sony will include the feature.