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In relation of its time, N64 games had way more impact in the industry and Nintendo itself, thanks to 3D gaming and a lot of new ideas. Basically every Mario 3D, Zelda, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Mario Party, ... has been based for 20 years on thosee games that came on N64.

On the other hand, Wii had more games and more variety, but neither of its games, despite being absolutely more modern and polished were as memorable or surpassed the impact of any of the N64 ones. The fact that people got tired quickly of motion controls is another reason against Wii.

In my opinion N64, was the last time Nintendo tried to make revolutionary games that shooked the industry and made every other developers try to catch them or imitate what they were doing until Zelda BOTW came, impacting the industry again. Nintendo was only looking at the past until then instead of looking at the future.... so that's why my vote goes to N64, despite Wii games being more playable by today standars.

This poll shows too, that even for Nintendo fans and its loyal fanbase, if N64 wins or it's even tied with Wii, it proves that Wii was basically a fad. If half people now prefer a console that barely sold 30m against one that sold more then 3x more..., then it proves that the kind of people that bought that console were not there for N64 and were not for WiiU later either. People seems to remember more fondly what they played on N64 than on Wii, but i don't know, maybe it's just nostalgia....

The former is not a "fact" and the latter "proves" no such thing.

The Wii lasted for a normal Nintendo console lifespan. It is no more a "fad" than any other system that lasted 5-6 years. The idea that "people quickly got tired of motion controls" is not supported by the evidence either. We are more than 12 years passed the release of the Wii now and motion controls are alive and well and here to stay. If they were a fad they'd be long gone by now, yet they are featuring in basically every major Switch game.

Wii just lasted like a normal "failure" Nintendo console lifespan but it definitively did not lasted selling well as long as NES, SNES or DS, and it seems it won't last as long as Switch either. In its 6th year, Wii was selling almost 4x less than just 3 years before. NES, SNES, DS, PS, PS2, X360, PS3, PS4, all lasted more than 6 years, and they were not selling 4x less in its 6th year compared to its 3rd....That was unprecedented in a console that sold as well as Wii in its first few years. Every time you see a graphic showing sales of different consoles you can see how Wii drops in sales way more heavily than any other comparable console. 

Despite N64 being considered a failure compared to PS1, Nintendo went from selling 49M with SNES to 33M with N64 and to 22M with GC. With Wii they went from 102M to barely 15M.

There's a reason why 2012-2016 are one of the least succesfully financial years for Nintendo in its history, and it wasn't because they started suddenly making bad games during those years (in fact it started their most creative years since N64 era). It's because Wii wasn't able to transfer their success into the future. I'm pretty sure more people are going to be hyped by the Switch successor than they were for the Wii back then.

And to explain my point, i was referring to motion controls as the use of nunchuks in Nintendo games. You don't have to play anymore Mario 3D games, Zelda games, ...only with just that technology. Nintendo backtracked and offered conventional gameplay as its main way to play the games. Yes, there's still motion control features (optional if you want), but you basically play most Switch games in conventional ways again and the most prefered way to play those games is with a classic pad style. Wii main characteristic was its Nunchuk controls. In 2006 it seemed this was going to be the next way of how to play videogames, but here we are in 2019 and people prefer a conventional pad again. I will bet my money, that most people prefer now playing their Nintendo games with a pad than with those nunchuks. That was the "fad" part of my point, the games in itself were not a fad, they were great in fact.

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