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So we're over four months into 2019 now. What metal albums have you enjoyed this year thus far?

- The new Swallow the Sun has been a standout. Feels like their most accessible album yet but the song writing is still top notch.
- Soilwork appear to have blended their sound with Bjorn's Night Flight Orchestra project on Verkligheten. The result is pretty damn good.
- Children of Bodom's Hexed is another solid effort with some quality standouts in "This Road", "Glass Houses" and the title track.
- Lahmia are a melodic death metal band I have come across who've released a strong album in Resilience (their first in around eight years IIRC).
- Extreme metal supergroup Vltimas delivered the goods with their debut. Very easy for these sorts of projects to fall flat on their face.
- Skeletoon lead the power metal category with the ultra catchy and melodic They Never Say Die.
- Nightrage continue to be a dependable melodeath monster with Wolf to Man

Major disappointments from Avantasia, Battle Beast and Rotting Christ.