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curl-6 said:

When I look at something like Metro Exodus maxed out and raytraced on PC, now THAT looks like a proper generational leap over PS3/360 to the extent of prior leaps, in my eyes anyway.

Pretty much just about anything will look good when ray traced. I guess you'll soon get that proper generational leap over PS3/360 with next generation consoles on the horizon featuring hardware accelerated ray tracing and as an added bonus a back catalog of current generation titles too ... 

IMO, the sticking point of current generation was physically based rendering and volumetric lighting ... 

Yeah PBR was a nice step up, probably the biggest differentiating factor between gen 7 and 8 for me.

linkink said:
curl-6 said:

And I stand by that. To me Metro Exodus maxed out and raytraced is the only game I have seen to date that looks as far ahead of the 7th gen's best as prior generational leaps like PS2 to PS3. Again, not from a point of view of actual computing power but due to the effect of diminishing perceptual returns.

PS2 to PS3 was of course a bigger jump, But you also have to remember, you were much younger,  as you get older people tend to be much harder to impress, or be blown away. The graphics advancements are clearly generational when comparing most ps3 game to ps4, of course i can respect your opinion if you don't think the advancements in graphics are generational leap. aside from maybe uncharted 3 every ps3 game looks like a turd compared to ps4, especially open world games.

It's not that there isn't a leap, there is, not only clearly in terms of the rendering techniques and computing power involved but also PS4 games do look much nicer than PS3 games. It's just that in terms of subjective perception, if I were to put the gap between PS2 and PS3 (Or PS1 to PS2, N64 to Gamecube, etc) at a 10, PS3 to PS4 feels more like a 6 to me.

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