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Time flies, we are already in the second third of 2019!

In the first third I spent almost €600 / over $650 on games.

The biggest part of it (64%) is PC games again (including a lot of PC-VR games).

The Switch share has grown a lot from 8% to 22%... together with 3DS the Nintendo share exceeds 25% of total spending. A nice Amazon deal (5 retail Switch games for 100 €; I chose Diablo 3, Xenoblade 2, Captain Toad, Lego City Undercover and Pokémon: Let's Go) and my nearing vacation were the main reason for that.

Spending on PS4 games is taking a back seat for now, since I want to finish a lot of great PS4 titles first, which I bought in 2018 and 2017.

Spending on Xbox games will probably stay almost zero until Anaconda arrives. That said, I played a lot of Xbox games for almost nothing this year thanks to three months GamePass for €3 and two months of XBL Gold for €2.