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John2290 said:
o_O.Q said:

"the shaming of scientists and running them out of a job unless they conform to this thinking"


" This needs to be nibbed in the bud and I wouldn't be surprised if there is no chance and it is some high level social engineering"

you mean like a conspiracy? by who?

"They can live a lie all they want, even spread the lie."

by lie you are referring to sex not being as fluid as the article implies? but you do have to concede that intersex people, for example, do exist to start with right

then we have people with XXY chromosomes

then XYY

i mean by the time we hit non-binary people you have to admit something is looking screwy

You format your questions oddly. I'm not going down the line of twenty questions that mutliply to a dozen or two. I'm too old for threading like that and esspecially on a mobile phone. 

Use google for the first question, look up professors also and assistants in research. Make up your own mind on the second, I'm not here to tell another grown person how to think critically and the is my opinion on the third and yes, I do knowof intersex people but it is a truly small margin. All life is a mutation in one form or another, every individual is a mutation and intersex are the natural mutation from the two sexes, that in no way gives any credence to the notion that sex is a social construct. 

i ask about the scientists who are being silenced because I haven't heard about that at all, to me that was my most important question