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melbye said:
o_O.Q said:

you guys are really just saying that something is the way it is simply because you declare it to be the case

you are not acknowledging as the article describes that many men do not fit neatly into the male category such as those who are intersex (2%), those who are infertile, those who are smaller than women, those who are submissive etc etc etc

and likewise we see the same with women

how do you deal with women like this in your conception of what sex is?

That woman has not achieved that look by natural means, she is a deviation of what is normal.

man women exist on a spectrum with respect to how their bodies are structured

ok give me an example of what you would consider a "normal" woman

and what is naturally anyway? you and me we haven't hunted for our food, we are here sitting in a coffee shop on a laptop or whatever

Last edited by o_O.Q - on 29 April 2019