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Came across this article on a fairly popular left leaning website that proposes that biological sex is a social construct. The article is quite long so i'll post the link and quote the key arguments made:


"Bourgeois ideology has long presented us with a vulgar conception of gender which reduces the essence of what it “means” to be a man or woman to a rigid set of biological characteristics. Over the past few decades, a great deal of progress has been made in exposing this idea for what it is: a set of baseless myths meant to reinforce and ideologically justify the oppression of women in our society."

" At the end of the day, the sex/gender dichotomy is part of patriarchal ideology"

"The issue is that doctors really believe that there are “two sexes,” which informs their practice. And this idea is fundamentally a product of the patriarchal, bourgeois ideology which dominates our society. "

"If anything should be taken from this, it is that human bodies are extremely complex, and it is far too simplistic to consider there to be an essentially “male body” or essentially “female body.”"

"It is often claimed that, while trans women may present as women, they still have “male bodies.” As we have discussed already however, this is a nearly meaningless statement. There really is no such thing as an essentially “male body”"

"And yet, the fact that trans women were designated to have “male bodies” at birth is used as ammunition against trans women. It is argued that, because they have “male bodies,” trans women have some sort of structural power over other women. This is, to put it bluntly, a laughable claim in light of all the evidence to the contrary."

to add to the article :

variation in male bodies

variation in female bodies

suppose sex works like this:

with male being the crest and female being the trough and people lie at different points between the two?

So what do you guys think? The article brought up some valid arguments so do you agree that biological sex is simply a social construct? Discuss

Last edited by o_O.Q - on 29 April 2019