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SuperRetroTurbo said:
I want to see a better voting system for uploaded levels. The super expert is littered with levels that are absolutely trash that shouldn't be considered skill levels. It also goes against the games morals when some of those levels are either based on pure luck or give a small chance to beat.

Searching and curation of levels needs a massive overhaul in general. Not just the voting, but everything to do with the database of uploaded levels. There should be an ability to tag by level elements, an ability to rate by difficulty, fun, creativity, and other measures separately, and ability to search by any combination of filters, not just level id numbers, but also search terms in the title, difficulty level, must include or must not include specific elements or game styles, etc. Custom tags should be a thing too so that the community can come up with tags the dev team couldn't imagine it would need, like specific level creation trends that might emerge.