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TranceformerFX said:
The multiple SKU thing didn't work for Sony when the PS3 launched, and there's zero evidence or rationale to believe Sony will try that again with the PS5 - especially when you consider that the single SKU selling statistics for the PS2 & PS4 were VERY strong.

The multiple SKU thing did work very well for Microsoft when the Xbox360 launched: they could advertise with the low entry price of the Core version and there were enough incentives that most people bought the Premium version instead.

The problem of the PS3 wasn't the two SKUs... the problem was that even the cheaper SKU was much more expensive than the Premium Xbox360 while performing worse in comparable third party games and almost no good exclusives in its first year. 

There's zero evidence or rationale to believe that there is a causation between the number of SKUs and the success of a console.