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Replicant said:
Nuvendil said:

Everyone was doing well when PS4 and Xbone weren't down 30%. Which is what Benji explained. And there were plenty of months the last two years when Switch  was leading the pack that all three were said to be doing well. I do think it was presumptuous for him to respond to a post he cannot see since he has that guy set to ignore, but that post was pretty strong spin. While he is right that Sony is being conservative with pushing PS4, they've been that way for a while now unless a big release is coming out. And MS going firesale and bundle crazy has been a constant since 2014. So while the factors he stated were true, they have been true since before the decline this year. And thus framing those things like new factors that relate specifically to this period is disingenuous. These declines aren't disastrous, but they are normal. Great would be a defying of expectations.

Oh and Xbox One sales are objectively not great. They weren't great very often before, they really aren't great now.

Bold: Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the XB1 decline quite small? I get that you don't think its sales were that great in the first place but I think it's having quite a healthy life this late in the gen.

XB1 (March)
2014: 258,000
2015: 229,000
2016: 242,000
2017: 200,000
2018: 299,000
2019: 221,000

PS4 is down 29.7% from its peak March but I wouldn't necessarily go out of my way to emphasize how I think that it "isn't great" for a console to pull 253,000 in the US in its 6th March (maybe Shadow knows how many consoles have had a better 6th March).

PS4 (March)
2014: 280,000
2015: 330,000
2016: 330,000
2017: 360,000
2018: 354,000
2019: 253,000

So in other words, XBO was only somewhat weaker than it's average for last month, but PS4 just had it's worst March.

A pricecut for the PS4 is getting more and more pressing, that is really a huge drop.