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masschamber said:
Chris Hu said:

The US has killed more people then anybody else in the last 50 years.  So what is your point.

Go back to worshiping Alex Jones instead of making pointless statements.

Did you read actually read that article, the us is responsible for the khmer Rouge because reasons despite being a communist originally installed by north vietnam, us was responsible for every death in the korean, Iran iraq, vietnam, the corruption in the oil for food program in Iraq and more all because , well can't blame the ussr or china, despite starting all of them, but hey if it makes you feel special

The US carpet bombed Cambodia in the late 60s which destabilized the country and made it easy for the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot to take over power.  China was only slightly involved in the Vietnam War.  The USSR supported North Korea during the Korean War and they supported Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War but they definitely didn't start either of those wars.