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I've owned every Nintendo system from the NES onward except the Virtual Boy. I can say without a doubt that for me, Switch has surpassed all except the Gamecube, SNES, 3DS, GBA, and N64. I expect it will eventually surpass the N64 and all the portable consoles by the end of its lifetime. I doubt it will surpass the Gamecube and SNES for me, because they had incredible libraries consisting of the vast majority of my favorite games of all time. Switch is quickly amassing titles that rank up there, so it'll be close, but those console's libraries still blow me away in terms of the sheer quantity of high quality games that stand the test of time and are still a joy to play.

Come back to me on this when Switch has a Mario RPG on par with SMRPG and PM:TTYD, a Pikmin on par with 2, an Animal Crossing on par with the GC original, a 2D Mario on par with SMW (SMM2 doesn't count), a Metroid on par with Prime and Super, and at least 2 Nintendo published truly new IP or sufficiently new spin-off IPs that go down in history with the likes of Pikmin, Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario Strikers, Star Fox, F-Zero, Donkey Kong Country, Mario Kart, and other such titles that people clamor for sequels to even to this day. Especially that last bit. I really don't think people are desperate for Arms 2, as much as I thought it was a pretty cool game. They're definitely not excited for a Sushi Striker sequel, or for Go Vacation, or Fitness Boxing, or 1-2-Switch. It looks cool, but I don't think Daemon X Machina will make the cut here. Mario+Rabbids kind of does, but that's Ubisoft. Snipperclips certainly would, but it's kind of a small, indie sort of thing. The closest thing I'd consider counting in this category is Pokemon Let's Go, though I'm not sure if you should really call it a spinoff or just a remixed remake, and I'm not sure if people really love it all that much or were just really desperate for a home console Pokemon experience.

Right now the most promising things on this front announced so far are Town and Astral Chain. We'll see how they turn out. But the Switch needs legendary new IP to call its own. Even the Wii U had Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, a Xenoblade spinoff with X, a new Mario spinoff with Captain Toad, and Nintendo acquiring Bayonetta. Even Nintendo World is more loved and deserving of a sequel than most of Nintendo's new IP thus far for Switch. Switch really has to step it up in this department.