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John2290 said:
Chris Hu said:
Working is a sweat shop somewhere in Bangladesh is worse that that. Also before the rise of unions those where pretty much common work hours in all factory jobs and on top of that child labor was also very common everywhere.

And this has bearing on the current 996 system in China now for what reason exactly? 

A man being shot in the balls to bleed out in one country does not make it any less horrific when a man gets shot in the head in another country. Bad analogy aside it doesn't matter what is happening in sweat shops or what was the norm historically, this is happening now and currently has public view, a protest from giant tech and potential for change. 

Again working in a sweat shop is much worse not only are the hours just as long if not even longer but on top of all that the work is harder and working conditions are much worse.  Most sweat shops wouldn't pass work safety standards of most countries.